Half Bat

Bat Path + Bat Speed + Major League Mind Bundle

Bat Path + Bat Speed + Major League Mind Bundle

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Half Bat
Gamer Bat Speed

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The perfect package for a hitter looking to hit more line drives and to become a better ballplayer. Here's everything you receive:

The Half Bat Trainer will give you instant feedback on your bat path and help you square more balls up. The training bat can only be used with foam or tennis balls, no real baseballs. It is perfect for tee work, front toss, or machine bp with foam balls. An added benefit is the bat is lighter than a regular bat, so it's an underload for the hitter. This is a proven method to increase bat speed.

Special Bonus #1: The Gamer Bat Speed Trainer. A weighted knob training bat proven to increase bat speed.

 "My 13u son gained 4mph of bat speed via Blast Motion in the same session. learned how to swing connected instead of drop hands! MUST HAVE"

Special Bonus #2: 12 Week Bat Speed Training Program 

This 12-Week Speed Training Program gives your son step by step instructions on how to increase his bat speed over the next 12 weeks. Most players see noticeable improvements in exit velocity within the first week of this program.

Special Bonus #3: Getting Out of a Slump Guide

Slumps are inevitable in this game, but they don’t have to last as long as you think. This simple guide explains 5 bulletproof steps to breaking out of a slump faster than you ever have. (created by professional hitters)

Special Bonus #4: Bat to Ball Skills Training Guide

Superior bat to ball skills will help drastically reduce your hitter’s strikeout percentage, weak contact, and total swings & misses. This guide includes 5 simple hitting cues your hitter can use to improve bat to ball skills, no matter what level he or she plays at. It also includes specific instructions, sets, and reps to follow in order to see improvement.

Special Bonus #5: Exclusive Interview with Max Clark

In this 30 minute interview, Detroit Tigers top prospect, 2022 top ranked High School player and #3 overall pick in the 2022 MLB Draft Max Clark reveals his astounding lifting & nutrition plan, his mentality facing tougher, older opponents, and how he stays disciplined with his daily routine.

Your programs will be automatically emailed in your confirmation email with video access.

TaterBalls are too heavy for these as well, lighter the ball the better. Remember this is a training bat, and half a bat literally  

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