The Baseball IQ App

What is it? 

ALL new customers will get a 1-Year FREE Subscription to our revolutionary training app. Here's some of the content you can expect to find: 

  • "How To" Videos & Lessons for each Product, designed by Trey Hannam 
  • Full length interviews with top pro players like Bobby Witt Jr. & Jackson Holiday
  • Over 50+ Pitching & Hitting Drills 
  • 15+ PDFs with titles like: "A Guide to Getting Out of a Slump" & "5 Competition Ideas for a Better Practice"
  • Defense, Strength, & Speed Workouts
  • Mentality Training Blog 
  • Paid Video Analysis by a Pro Hitter/Pitcher
  • And Much Much More...

Totally FREE to you for 1 Year!

All you need to do is complete your purchase and instructions on how to claim this offer will be sent to you in the box your bat arrives in. 

For more info visit our app landing page HERE