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Premium Foam Balls (Needed for Half Bat & Sweet Spot Pro)

Premium Foam Balls (Needed for Half Bat & Sweet Spot Pro)

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Buyer Note: Quantities are Per Dozen 

Example: Quantity of 5 = 60 Training Balls

"These balls are the best training balls in the game"

Used in MLB batting cages throughout the League!

Marv Rubber Pitching Machine Balls are the perfect cross between baseballs and foam pitching machine balls.

- Identical flight out of a pitching machine as a traditional leather baseball

- Very forgiving, eliminating fear of hitter's hands and lengthening life for hitter's game bats

- MLB + College teams use them to mimic pitcher's spins and speeds without risking injury

- Designed by a Texas Longhorns Hitting coach - Battle tested by the best!

- D1 Head Coach - "These machine balls are amazing. We use these and only these out of the machine when we're hitting!"

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