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Half Bat

Weighted Half Bat

Weighted Half Bat

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How It Works

The Weighted Half Bat is the best of both worlds, combining the bat path benefits of the Half Bat & the Bat Speed benefits of the Weighted Knob Bat. 

Our barrel is designed to give hitters instant feedback on the quality of their path - teaching them how to keep their bat in the hitting zone longer. 

The weighted handle forces the athlete to drive their hands to the ball with authority - teaching them how to generate torque & power.  

What's Included 

1-Year Free Subscription - Baseball IQ Mobile Training App!

  • "How To" Videos, Drills & PDF's for each bat product
  • Interviews w/ top pro players like Bobby Witt Jr. & Jackson Holliday 
  • Practice Plan PDFs, Pitching/Hitting Drills, Mentality Blog & much much more...

Check out our landing page HERE for more info!

Note: After your purchase, instructions on how to claim this offer will be mailed to you (with your bat)!


NO HARD BALLS. You can only use foam, tennis or whiffle balls with our Weighted Half Bat. Marv Foam balls are the preferred option. 

Perfect for tee work, front toss, or machine batting practice with foam balls

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