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Half Bat

Weighted Knob Bat

Weighted Knob Bat

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"My 13u son gained 4 mph of bat speed in the same session!"

How it Works

The Weighted Knob Bat helps hitters develop better bat speed. The concept is not hard to understand, & there are many similar products out there that do what we do. However, our design keeps the weight in the handle, not the end & not the middle like Camwood bats. 

The reason we prefer the handle is that it prioritizes fast/explosive hands. It forces the hitter to turn the knob of the bat with power - allowing the barrel to whip through the zone unrestricted. We wanted our weighted bat to feel like a normal game bat at contact - that's why handle weight is our preferred method for speed training. 

What's Included 

1-Year Free Subscription - Baseball IQ Mobile Training App!

  • "How To" Videos, Drills & PDF's for each bat product
  • Interviews w/ top pro players like Bobby Witt Jr. & Jackson Holliday 
  • Practice Plan PDFs, Pitching/Hitting Drills, Mentality Blog & much much more...

Check out our landing page HERE for more info!

Note: After your purchase, instructions on how to claim this offer will be mailed to you (with your bat)!


You can use real baseballs with this bat - although we caution against high velocity off a machine. Machine use should still be done with foam balls to be safe. 

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